"She made our home look like a model home. Our home sold in 11 hours"

How it works:

1. Schedule: Call us or fill out our contact form to schedule your half-day complete home staging. 

2. Details: Send us the size and photos of 5 main spaces.

3. Add-Ons: Need more spaces staged? Just let us know!

4. Design: Our team selects the perfect look for each space.

5. Set Up: We complete the staging in just a half-day, planned to your schedule.

6. Extend: The $2800 flat-rate price covers 1 month of staging. Need more time? You can extend month-to-month for $1100.

7. Pack Up: Ready to de-stage? Give us a week's notice, and we'll have everything packed and out, ready for your new buyer.

We're here to make home staging simple and hassle-free.

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Staging Your H​ome Without Breaking Your Budget!

$2800 Complete Home Stage Package:

Living, Dining, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom

Flat Rate, No Pressure Home Staging. Unbeatable Price, Service, and Quality.

Welcome to Well Staged Home. Our flat rate gives your home a total staging makeover – five rooms, no hidden costs, no pressure. Quick, modern, and convenient. Get ready to sell your home. Serving King County.

"The brilliant result was key to the quick sale. I highly recommend The Well Staged Home"

"This magic translates to bidding wars and higher prices"

About Us:

Well Staged Home is innovating the home staging industry. We’re simplifying the process to make professional home staging accessible and affordable for all. But how are we making this happen?

Uncompromised Quality, Unbeatable Price: With our flat-rate pricing, we’ve eliminated the guesswork and hidden costs often associated with home staging. Our $2800 package includes five rooms, designed to perfection, with additional rooms at a flat $500 add-on cost.

Passionate Team: Our dedicated team of designers and installers are passionate about creating beautiful spaces that tell a story. We treat each home as a unique canvas, carefully selecting pieces that enhance its charm and appeal.

Unique Homes, Unique Experiences: We are privileged to work with a variety of homes in the Pacific Northwest. Each property brings a unique set of characteristics and challenges, but we love the excitement of transforming them into desirable spaces.

Convenience is Key: We understand that time is of the essence when selling a home. That's why our process is simple, fast, and efficient. From booking to staging, we handle everything smoothly and swiftly, on your schedule.

We’re not just staging your home; we’re setting the stage for your successful sale. Thank you for choosing Well Staged Home.

"Fantastic job in staging our residence"

Why Home Staging?

In today's competitive real estate market, making a great first impression is everything. Home staging is the secret weapon many sellers use to stand out from the crowd. But why is it so effective?

Gets Attention: Well-staged homes get buyers' attention fast, both online and in-person. The photos help your property to shine and stand out on the real estate apps.

Helps Buyers Imagine: Home staging helps buyers see themselves living in the property. Staging makes empty or cluttered spaces look and feel welcoming.

Sells Faster: Studies show homes that are staged often sell quicker. Many times, they also sell for more money.

Saves Money: Our complete flat-rate service makes it even more affordable than ever before!

Ready to see the difference home staging can make? Start your transformation with The Well Staged Home today!